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Railway Accident claims for personal injury compensation

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Railway accidents

In South Africa, outdated railway infrastructure and a lack of safety and security measures often lead to injury or even death. Between 2010 and 2012, six railway accidents resulted in the deaths of 29 passengers and injuries to more than 1 100 people. In January 2013, two passenger trains packed with school children and rush-hour commuters collided near Pretoria, injuring approximately 300 people, 28 of them seriously. Furthermore, passengers often complain of stampedes and muggings on overcrowded trains.

It is the responsibility of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa to ensure that trains, railway lines, stations and railway crossings are safe and well maintained. If the agency neglects its duty, and you or a loved one are injured as a result, you may have grounds for a claim.

You are entitled to make a claim if:
  • you are personally injured in a railway accident;
  • you are the dependant of a deceased victim of a railway accident;
  • you fall or are pushed on the station platform;
  • you fall or are pushed out of the train; or
  • you fall while getting into or out of the train.

You may be able to claim for:

  • past and future medical expenses;
  • funeral expenses;
  • past and future loss of earnings or income if the victim is disabled;
  • past and future loss of support for a dependant of a deceased victim; and
  • general damages for pain, suffering and disfigurement in the case of physical injury.

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